Our Story

Easiseat is the ultimate wheelchair solution to provide independent and easy-moving life even in cornered spaces for elderly and the disabled.

Fillial is the root of Chinese culture, started out to help his mother who was diagnosed with ALS, Hong Kong designer – Chun Kwok-Tung realized all disabled and elderly’s dreams to move around easily even though on wheelchair, allowing them to dine in with their families, or to go to the toilet without any assistance.

In early 2017, Chun launched a crowdfunding on Kickstarter in order to raise more funds for this project, so that he could improve the prototype and convert the fabrication way from hand-craft to digital fabrication. In this way, those in needs are able to order this special wheelchair easily at an affordable cost.

The design principle for Easiseat focuses on the desire of users rather than the caregivers. Easiseat is the first step for them to move freely and lead an independent life, reducing their dependency on caregivers, including going to the toilet, thus preserving their dignity.


Through Easiseat, elderly and the disabled are able to lead an independent life, reducing the assistance of others, returning their dignity in life.