Easiseat – Concept

Innovative furniture

Easiseat is not only about the technology that provides solution to those in need, but also focus on Design, Craftsmanship and Durability. We choose wood in hope of the timeless and natural beauty of the intricate wood surface can bring aesthetic pleasure and comfortable experience to the users. Also, the joint we used in the wood-working can enhance the durability of Easiseat.

Toilet Accessible

Easiseat is able to assist the user in toilet easily, thanks to the mechanical components which are fully embedded and integrated into the wood frame.

1. Move Easiseat onto the toilet bowl.

2. Adjust the width of the user’s body until it is slightly tight

3. Raise the backrest and lift the user

4. Open and retract the seat, exposing the toilet bowl

5. Lift the user down onto the toilet bowl


Easiseat provides omni-directional mobility, which can not only move conventional forward, backward and turn around, but also allows lateral, diagonal and spin movement.

forward, backward and turn left / right

lateral and diagonal move

spin in a circle

Wireless Control

Easiseat can be controlled by either users or caregivers through the wireless controller that enables caregivers to provide better care to the users by fully accessing to all the functions of Easiseat.

All functions in one controller


EasiBelt is an accessory of Easiseat, designed to assist fully-dependent user who cannot hold onto the seat properly.

EasiBelt will be included in each Easiseat

Ilustration shows how EasiBelt is used in conjunction with Easiseat

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