Easiseat is an innovative furniture designed just for the elderly and the disabled in order for them to lead an independent life as well as decrease their dependency on their caregivers, preserving their dignity in daily life and change their view in life.

Being independent in life

Easy to dine

The armrest on both sides of Easiseat can be kept, allowing the user to sit nearer to the dining table, hence they are able to dine with their family members.


Easiseat is well-equipped with omni-directional wheels which can move around in any directions, besides the typical left and right turning, it can also move sideways and diagonal. It can move around freely even in a narrow room with limited space.

Toilet assist

The wide empty space under the wheelchair allows Easiseat to be placed onto the toilet bowl, with the help of mechanical buttons, it allows users to go to the toilet easily without the need of help from caregivers.

Convenience in location transferring

Users can easily transfer themselves from Easiseat to any locations such as the bed as the armrest can be kept.

Easiseat – Concept

Easiseat – V2

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